।। श्री गजानन प्रसन्न ।। 


Dance Academy

(Bharatanatyam classes for all ages)

आंगिकं भुवनं यस्य वाचिकं सर्व वाङ्ग्मयम् ।

आहार्यं चन्द्र तारादि तं नुमः सात्विकं शिवम् ।।

Dance, being an expression, has no age boundaries. You can start learning Bharatanatyam at any age. It helps you connect to the rhythm and music of your soul. 
With a foundation in classical dance, it is always easier to learn any other dance form.

About Vidyut

She completed her margam in 2001 and continued to learn further. She also started teaching Manik tai’s junior students for a few years after that.

With her guru’s permission, she learnt various padams and choreographies from different gurus. 

Vidyut being a Sangeet Visharad (BA in music), simultaneously took formal training from Guru Smt. Rajalakshmi Pichumani for karnataki music...

About Classes

NrutyaSaadhanaa dance academy offers Bharatanatyam classes for kids ages 7+ and adults. We teach the basics from Kalakeshtra style of Bharatanatyam. Bharatanatyam is a very ancient indian classical dance form. A combinations of very graceful hand and leg movements along with varied expressions makes it a treat to watch. In our dance academy, we believe in perfection in technique, discipline and experimenting. Have a base in Bharatanatyam and you can pick up any other dance form very easily. Join us to learn this beautiful dance form. A great full body workout too.

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